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Fueling Abundance

The first Downtown Wooster Farmers' Market of the season was Saturday.  We loaded up on all that lush, fresh, local goodness!  That means spring's abundance was in full swing for dinner tonight: 

Vegan Garlic Scape Pesto on Baguette

  • Garlic Scapes [Boii Gardens], chopped
  • Par-Cel [Adonai Acres], chopped
  • Rosemary [Adonai Acres], chopped
  • A few almonds
  • The juice of a lemon
  • A splash of olive oil
  • A couple splashes of vegetable broth (just to thin it out)

Blend all of the above together.  Make sure it is spreadable.  Adjust amount of each ingredient to your taste.  Note: I prefer a non-oily pesto, which is not traditional, so I used very little oil here.  Make it however you like it!

  • Vegan Baguette [The Grain Maker], sliced diagonally, slices toasted
  • Lavender Balsamic Vinegar [Mott's Oils & More]

Spread the pesto over baguette toasts and drizzle with a little vinegar.  

Delight in the beauty of springtime in Ohio and revel at the taste of your creation!