Yoga is a practice. It is also a lifestyle. It can be a physical workout, a mental cleanse, or a deeply soothing reprieve.

YOGA\VIVRE at Aspen Racquet Club

We are hyped to find a home among the sport, fitness, nature and community that's coming together at Wooster's beautiful and brand new racquet club. Everyone is welcome - You don’t have to be a member to attend classes at the club.

Aspen Racquet Club | 850 Venture Blvd., Wooster, OH 330-439-5004

Work-It Circuit Cross-Training | NEW Class Series!

This new cross-training class moves way beyond the boundaries of the yoga studio to push your fitness to the limits in the gym! Get a total-body workout as you cycle through a circuit of exercises that incorporates weights, treadmills, stability balls, resistance bands and more! The focus of this high-intensity class is on building strength, boosting stamina, and increasing endurance — all important parts of improving your tennis game or your over-all physical health! Core principles of yoga alignment and mindfulness lay the foundation for each creative exercise, so that you can challenge your body in a smart way.

Drop-in to any class, or purchase an 8-class punch card and make it your goal to hit every one! (Yoga class punch cards are also accepted for these classes.)

Three classes left in the series!

  • Friday, April 26 - 5:30pm

  • Monday, May 6 - 5:30pm

  • Thursday, May 23 - 5:30pm

Yoga Mix Tuesday 11:00am-12:00pm | NEW Day & Time!

  • NO Class May 14

Power Surge Yoga Tuesday 5:30-6:30pm | APRIL ONLY!

  • Note: Power Surge is going on a hiatus after April 30. Surge with us through the month of April before we take a break!

Wind Down Yoga Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm

  • NO Class May 15



Yoga Lunch at OSU Wooster Campus

OSU Woo Campus | $5 | Location varies. See calendar.

Rev-Up Your Workday                      Thursday | 12:10pm

  • April 11: Location is North Fisher Auditorium

  • April 25: Program is “Self-Care with Self-Massage”

  • May 16: NO CLASS

Step away from work... release tensed muscles and an over-worked mind... return to face the rest of your day with a renewed sense of energy. Everyone is welcome at this 45-minute, weekly, lunchtime class. During sunny summer months, class may move outdoors!

WCS Wellness Initiative Yoga Classes

Free for WCSD Employees & $3 for Public.

Mega-Wattage Wellness       Wednesday | 4:30pm | Kean 

NO CLASS May 15 or 29

NOTE: Class moves to Thursdays at 9am at WHS Room B-100 for the summer, starting in June.

Bring life into balance with yoga as we close out the school year! This class is ideal for beginners or anyone looking to explore how to move your body more mindfully. Yoga is the perfect complement to any exercise or wellness program: support your fitness goals, dissipate stress and find more energy through relaxation. Classes cater to all levels.


Yoga in School

Yoga can help students find a calm, steady focus or rev their minds for deep thinking. Yoga can help teachers stay centered during the most challenging days of the school year. And, yoga can teach everyone how to live a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Many schools in the area are plugged into the power of YOGA\VIVRE.


Contact us to plan a program that zaps your school with yoga's powers.

Liberty Preparatory School    Private Meditation & Mindfulness curriculum for students.

Wadsworth Middle School     Quarterly sessions for Healthy Foods & Living class.

Killbuck Elementary School     State Testing Stress-Management & Mindfulness + 9-week Yoga Curriculum.

Parkview Elementary School   Staff Meeting Meditation. 

West Holmes Local Schools    Staff Mindfulness Training.


Yoga for Teams

Customized yoga sessions for athletic teams can enhance conditioning, strength training and performance, plus ignite players' mental game. Contact us to work with your team!

The College of Wooster Volleyball     Private yoga and meditation sessions to support the team throughout the 2017 and 2018 seasons.

jas downdog (1).jpg

Customized Small Group Classes

YOGA\VIVRE can completely customize classes for your group of five or more friends!  Contact us to wire the details: style of yoga, special details, schedule, location and pricing.  Charge-up with a single class, or surge with a series.  Small group classes are personalized and make practicing yoga more approachable and comfortable.  (And, they are great for birthdays, bridal parties, girls nights, office parties...)

WII_Empower (1).jpg

Specialized Private Sessions

Whether you are looking to refine your yoga practice with the dedicated attention of an experienced teacher, or you prefer to practice with privacy, or you have special needs when it comes to practicing yoga, private sessions can be the perfect way to progress on your own, personal yoga journey.  We tailor each private session to your preferences, goals, limitations, and schedule -- and the practice springs from your personal source of power.  

30 min. | $40     \     60 min. | $80 


YOGA\VIVRE events fuse yoga with cool experiences. These events turn your appreciation for yoga into a complete yoga lifestyle.   Past events have included: New Year's Eve Intention-Setting and Meditation, Thanksgiving Gratitude Flow, Power Foundations Workshop, Head-Heart-Hands Handstand Workshop, Wine + Yoga Organic Elements, Yoga in the Park, and many more!

Upcoming: Check back!                                                 

MHRB Mindfulness & Yoga

More content in partnership with our friends at the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Wayne and Holmes Counties… coming soon!