Personal Training




Mega-Wattage: This is where you surge into something new, test yourself, and electrify your energy. Mindful movements make exercises more effective. Next stop: a super-charge-up station.


30 Minute Charge-Up

Every minute is packed with purpose. Every workout is unique. Every breath counts as you strengthen, tone and tap into your power. Exercises use body weight, Bosu Ball, medicine balls, TRX, hand weights, resistance bands (and occasionally playground equipment and Wooster's finest hills!) to work your whole being.


60 Minute Charge-Up

Added time for a full-cycle workout: Warm-up, Make it Burn, Chill-out. Just like the 30 Minute Charge-Up, but with extra time to build-up to max-capacity before the workout and relax, release and stretch out after.

group workout.jpg

Group Workout

Workout with your friends. Challenge each other. Encourage each other. If competition makes you work harder or companionship helps you through the tough stuff -- amp-up your effort with your crew.


Pop-Up Workout

Coming soon! You never know where lightning will strike...