Mind-Body connection is the power current of YOGA\VIVRE. It's plugged into everything we're about - everything we do. You could say it is the most important thing we do.

Connect to a deeper source of power.


Mindful Mondays

In partnership with the Mental Health & Recovery Board of Wayne & Holmes Counties, each week we joyfully offer 1-Minute Mental Workouts to Help you Live in the Moment:


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We share practical ways to practice mindfulness through group presentations. Uncover the purpose (and power) of a mindfulness practice and learn exercises and techniques to help your team or group unplug and rest their batteries. 

Family & Children First: Managing Stress & Anxiety

Wooster Area Chamber of Commerce Leadership Wooster



An immersion in mindful awareness for anyone/any group who wants to reduce stress and anxiety, cope with everyday's ups and downs and live more fully. Principals, teachers, coaches, leaders: get trained to share mindfulness with your staff, classes, teams and employees.

Liberty Preparatory School Mindfulness Immersion

Tri-County Educational Services Yoga in Physical Education

Tri-County Educational Services Mindfulness for Counselors

West Holmes Local Schools Staff Mindfulness Training