Class Descriptions

New cross-training class at Aspen Racquet Club! Get a full-body workout as you cycle through a series of stations in the yoga room and across the gym. The focus is on building strength, boosting stamina, and increasing endurance — all important parts of improving your tennis game! Core principles of yoga are the foundation for each creative exercise. You’ll challenge your body in a brand new way!

Work-It Circuit

Yoga Mix

All-levels yoga class at Aspen Racquet Club that blends mindfulness techniques with yoga postures and flows to promote physical and mental strength, helps to improve your flexibility, and offers relaxation and meditation to fully reinvigorate you. mood-boosting relaxation.  (A great class if you like a little challenge, along with some calm release and an instant mood-boost!)

Power Surge Yoga

Intermediate power vinyasa-style class, electrified by a high-volt playlist and a heated room.  Increase your internal fire and stoke your metabolism with breath-synchronized movement.  A unique sequence of poses in each class will keep your mind sharp and help to build greater awareness and strength in your legs, shoulders and core. Enjoy experimenting with arm balances and inversions, and then slowing things down with some deep stretches and a really rich savasana. Offered exclusively at Aspen Racquet Club.  (Be prepared to move and sweat your way to inner peace!)

Power Surge Saturday

Special class offering... Super-charge your Saturday with this special combination class: Yoga x Light-Weight Lifting x Heart-Pumping Mindful Movement = The Ultimate Cross-Training Workout! (And, it’s tons of fun!)  You’ll not only strengthen and tone your whole body, but also: improve your balance, rev your metabolism, and inspire new ways of working out.  You control the intensity of each exercise, so the class naturally accommodates all levels. It’s different than any workout you’ve tried before!

Yoga Wind Down

All-levels, mid-week, quick class to release tight, sore muscles, recharge your batteries and re-set your energy levels.  Offered exclusively at Aspen Racquet Club.  (This is a great introduction to yoga, or the perfect class if you prefer a slower pace, gentler stretches and thoughtful modifications.)

Special Workshop!

A Gentle Class for Addressing Nagging Injuries and Chronic Pain

Studies have proven that gentle yoga can be an effective method of injury treatment and prevention, and it can ease chronic pain in the body.  If you’ve had a joint replacement; If you have recurrent sports injuries; If you experience frequent joint pain; If you want to improve your overall well-being… join us for this special workshop!  All physical limitations will be accommodated through the use of props and pose modifications, so that everyone feels safe and comfortable. 

Yoga Therapy

Are you ready to try yoga?  This is our Intro to Yoga Series, offered exclusively at Aspen Racquet Club.  Over the course of four classes, we’ll cover the foundations of yoga, mindfulness and meditation; practice common poses with safe alignment and modifications; discover how the practice benefits body, mind and more — plus we’ll talk about class etiquette and provide answers to all of your questions about yoga.  This workshop-style class will allow plenty of time for learning, conversation, and getting comfortable in a yoga class.  Spark something new by trying yoga!

Spark Something! 

Yoga Lunch

Some days it's hard to fit everything in. And a busy schedule can be a burden if you don't take a little time for yourself. So, we created this class to fit nicely into your lunch hour. Spend 30 minutes on your mat, but never skip a beat in your schedule! 


Consider this class a prescription for a healthy body. It's a tune-up for tired, tense, sore or overworked muscles. Surrender to deep stretches and long holds. Relax, release, restore... and leave feeling like a new person! 

Multiply the physical benefits of your yoga practice with this cross-training class. Yoga X Efficient, Low-impact, Total-body Exercises = Ultimate Strength. We’ll incorporate light weights, exercise equipment, and partner work (bring a friend!) to not only strengthen and tone your whole body, but to also: improve your balance, rev your metabolism, and inspire a new way of working out! You control the intensity of each exercise, so the class naturally accommodates all levels. It's fun, energizing and different than any workout you’ve tried before!

Yoga X